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ezCase for BlackBerry

Secure storage on your Blackberry

eZcase is a long awaited secure data storage application for BlackBerry. eZcase™ is designed to safely and securely store all your personal and sensitive data. Simple intuitive interface makes access and retrieval of information a snap: when the entry is selected, it takes only a glance to see all the relevant data in the preview pane. eZcase is using a strong industry standard encryption algorithm making it one of the most secure data storage applications for the mobile devices.

eZcase key features:

  • Secure storage of sensitive information in the encrypted format
  • Convenient templates for multiple record types with customizable fields
  • Multiple file support for storage and profiling
  • Record preview pane
  • Synchronization with PC for backup
  • Wireless backup function with the use of Wireless Document Delivery service

When used in conjunction with Wireless Document Delivery service encrypted data files could be backed up wirelessly to and securely stored on the remote server.

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ezCase 4.6.053

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